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Thang V. | Aug 2017

Great experience all around. Staff are friendly and professional. Very easy to schedule appointments.

Carmen Q. | Aug 2017

I had my first visit today and it was awesome. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable.  Dr. Justin made suggestions,  but wasn't pushy about them. I'm so glad my friend referred me to him. I'm definitely going back.

Jon C. | Aug 2017

Dr. Le and his staff were very professional and exceeded my expectations. The dental office is in a convenient location with a lot of parking. I would highly recommend El Paseo Dental Care to all my family and friends.

Martin N. | Jun 2017

Nothing scarier than going to the doctors expecting judgements, pain, and insecurities. The team at El Paseo Dental Care did not have any of these fear-crushing behaviors. I came to the office for an exam, x-ray and cleaning. Before then, I has scheduled an appointment and the receptionist contacted me right away to answer my questions and check my insurance eligibility - quick and helpful. CLEANLINESS 5/5 - The assistant told me the office has been around for a while but El Paseo Dental Care took it over 5-6 years ago. All the places I had sat in were clean and organized. Not one moment was I disgusted or disturbed by any of the equipment or facilities. Very clean and well-maintained! CONNECTION 5/5 - The front desk receptionist, dental assistant and dentist (Dr. Justin Le) were all very kind and informative. Although I generally enjoy going to the dental office, the assistant and dentist explained every procedure they were doing before doing it. For example, the X-Ray procedure can sometimes irritate the lower areas of the mouth because of sensitivity. But the dental assistant warned me and followed up after each x-ray taken. Dr. Le also warned and asked for my level of comfort after cleaning each tooth. After the cleaning, Dr. Le answered all my questions and suggested procedures that I was too scared to ask about (i.e. veneers, whitening, and braces). PRODUCT/SERVICE QUALITY 5/5 - The best x-ray experience and teeth cleaning results I've ever received. I was dissatisfied with my previous dentist which discouraged me from trying another dentist as well. But, my expectations were well proven by the quality of work by the team. THANK YOU!

Joe T. | Jan 2017

I have been to many of dentists in the last several years. And, I must say that my experience with Dr. Le and his staff (front desk & assistants) have been far the best. He is not only an extremely competent dentist, he has a great ability to explain fully in terms that you can understand what procedures need to be done and work with you on a treatment plan that best fits your needs. His office has the most up to date state of the art equipment.  I've gone to Dr. Le for my regular teeth cleaning as well as teeth whitening and have been very happy with my results. There is also never the sales-like pitch that a lot of dental offices do these days.  I would highly recommend El Paseo Dental Care!

Kika M. | Jan 2017

I was nervous. I hadn't been in to see a dentist for three and a half years. The last time I'd been in to see Dr. Le I hadn't yet turned 40, and I thought for sure, post-40, he would find a mouth full of cavities -- at best. Despite my memories of my first visit being exceedingly pleasant, I had been unable to muster up the time and the courage to make another appointment. Looking at the prospects for 2017, while I may have little control over what the future holds, at least, I thought, I can control the fate of my teeth. I made an appointment  through their online scheduler on the first day of the year, and I was able to come in just two days later. The next day, I received both an email and a text to confirm the appointment. I walked in a bit sheepishly, ashamed of my dental neglect, but that soon faded as the receptionist greeted me warmly and made friendly conversation before I sat down to wait. Next I was ushered to my chair, where Dr. Le soon appeared. He remembered me from my visit so many years ago, and we quickly caught up. He conducted the cleaning himself, scraping away the years of coffee and sugar consumption, taking special care around my gums. We conversed just enough about many things, teeth and non, and he instructed me gently on how I could best take care of my mouth. I was reassured when he told me that I had avoided a deep cleaning by a hair, which inspired me (at the moment at least) to floss more regularly and such so that I would never again have to experience the terror of a deep clean.Mary, the dental hygienist, remembered me as well. We started up right where we left off talking in turns about our own children. She took my ex-rays and polished me up right. She was also very understanding when I gagged out my flouride mouth tray. (From experience I know that kindness during an event such as this is not something that can be easily faked.) To close up the appointment, the receptionist sat me down and showed me what is provided by my insurance. I know what I'm about to write will reflect poorly on how I go about my life, but I'll share since it's already clear from my years away from the dentist, and it demonstrates how great El Paseo Dental Care is. Unbeknownst to me, I am afforded FOUR dental cleanings per year through insurance with no extra charge! So I made an appointment for April, and I will hopefully never need a deep cleaning or a filling again. All in all, Dr. Le is very knowledgeable and professional. He is generous in sharing his time and expertise with his clients as well. In truth, I learned more from him about my 3.5 year-old daughter's oral hygiene than her own pediatric dentist has offered. I have been really happy with her dentist, so this is indicative of the level of expertise held by Dr. Le. There are so many dentists in the area to choose from, and I'm so glad that I chose El Paseo three and a half years ago - and returned today.

Gina L. | Jul 2016

When you actually look forward to your dentist appointments, then you know you've found the right place.  Dr. Le and his staff are so friendly and comforting.  Prior to coming here, I had not visited the dentist in years (I'm not even going to say how many years as it's slightly embarrassing) because I was strangely terrified of them and have had dentists try to scam me into paying for unnecessary fillings.  Though I did have cavities when I initially came to Dr. Le, he and his staff made the process very easy and hassle-free.  Now I'm obsessed with taking care of my teeth, and visit him every six months for routine cleaning.  Every time I visit, I am greeted by the warmest people who seem to always remember things we talked about during the last visit.  Of course, they do an amazing job and are quick.  I highly recommend El Paseo and their awesome team!

Lara F. | May 2016

My partner and I have been patients of El Paseo Dental Care for a year and a half, and I will say I'm quite selective with my dentists and have been to a decent number of really good and expensive ones, but I am truly, honest-to-god impressed as hell by this dental office.I just read that Dr. Le apparently went to University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, one of if not the best and most expensive dental schools in the US, and I am really not surprised. He is definitely crème of the crop.The office is beautiful with modern equipment, and everything is clean clean clean! They take most insurance, and when I lost my great coverage, since I was already a patient they were very flexible on pricing so that I could get taken care of. Really excellent customer service.One thing you will notice immediately is how both professional and warm the staff are (the main receptionist remembered my husband and I and asked about a move we talked about previously, even after we hadn't seen her for a YEAR!). You can really tell that they all are very happy with their jobs and work well together, as it's always a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere and everything is handled very smoothly. But the real star of the show is Dr. Le himself. He has a wonderfully warm, quiet, patient, and attentive presence that immediately puts you at ease.I came in initially for a check/cleaning and Dr. Le was very thorough in pointing out exactly what he was seeing as he was seeing it: all the little areas you have that might be cavities, areas that are cavities but don't need immediate attention, ones that definitely need attention, areas where your bite misaligns, etc. I had one large and 3 small cavities to be filled. For the deep one at some point I had a slight twinge of pain, and he picked up on my tiny wince and immediately took everything out of my mouth and asked if I was okay and wanted more anesthetic. I've had other dentists keep working through and/or wait for me to say something, but he pays very close attention and clearly isn't working on autopilot.Also, when he's knuckle deep in your mouth scraping away, sometime he'll start singing or humming very peacefully and quietly to himself while he works. It is really, really pleasant, and along with his bedside manner and general demeanor it manages to turn an otherwise unpleasant trip to the dentist into a chance to relax into their comfy chairs and be paid very close attention to by someone who clearly has your best interest at heart. IMO, this office is epitomizes what healthcare should be like.They also really have a good system for their appointments. They can always schedule me for 1-3 days from when I call, and they have been able to reliably do same-day appts when I need it, even if I call at 12pm! Never had to wait till next week like in some offices.My only complaints with the entire experience would be that the chairs in the waiting room aren't super comfy so it would be nice if they had a big soft couch or something too, and sometimes I come in early when I'm tired, grumpy and don't feel like talking but they're so friendly and enthusiastic it's a little jarring. If I don't respond with equal friendliness they never push it, I just feel bad because they are so nice.Also I should probably mention the most important part, which is that they have like 8 flavors of polishing paste for you to choose from. Talk about service!

Sam K. | Feb 2016

You know I am a fan of this dentist office, so we came back for more dental work :)! I especially took my mother back for 2 cavities that Dr. Le recommended her to refill. Dr. Le, true to his reputation, was thorough and cleaned everything well before doing a wonderful job with the fillings. My mother was extremely impressed with his technique even though he is such a young dentist. She noted especially that there was no pain whatsoever throughout the process (unlike her previous dental experiences). For me, I came here to get a night guard at the dentist's recommendation. The process, although should be very messy, was fast and easy. What can I say, this place is just filled with wonderful and well-trained nurses and dentists. We will be back for more wonderful dental experiences for sure!

Allie H. | Feb 2016

One of the best dental experiences I've had! The dentist was very informative, polite, and thorough. And the support staff were all very welcoming and made the dentist visit very comfortable and accommodating. I'll definitely be returning for my next cleaning.

Lily F. | Nov 2015

I am so glad I picked Dr.Le! Fantastic service at the office.Dr.Le ( surprisingly young) was patient, informative, and extremely helpful. This was one of the best cleansing experiences I have ever had! Looks like I won't be terrified of dentist visit anymore!

Nancy B. | Oct 2015

Thanks to Dr. Le and his assistant Mary I received excellent dental care.  After a crown came loose they fit me into their schedule the same day. Dr. Le is very confident and explains everything he's doing along the way. After an hour appointment the crown/bridge was placed and I was on my way.I would highly recommend this office.

Ashy S. | Aug 2015

Excellent dental care! I like the fact that Dr. Le is there the entire time that you are getting your teeth cleaned. Most places have a dental hygienist perform the cleaning and then the dentist stops by and takes a look when you are all done for maybe a total of 3 minutes. Dr. Le on the other hand has a Dental Assistant who assists him while he is cleaning your teeth, so he can really see what is going on. He spends a lot of time with his patients, which I think is great. He was able to see some inflammation on one small section of my gums, he asked if that part was bleeding while flossing, indeed it was. He recommended a deep cleaning. I came back did the deep cleaning, I couldn't feel a thing! The local anesthetic worked great, I wasn't sore afterwards, and the inflammation went away! He also recommended a night guard for some gum recession. Every other dentist I went to suggested surgery! He pointed out that I was clenching my teeth at night and putting a lot of pressure on one tooth which was causing my gums to recede. No other dentist ever mentioned this, nor the simple solution of a night guard! I had problems with getting my insurance to cover the night guard, but his office staff fought the insurance, for months, and got them to cover it! I highly recommend Dr. Le and the wonderful staff at El Paseo Dental Care!

mei c. | Jul 2015

Came here all the way from San Francisco . My roommate recommended this dental office to me . And it is the best dental experience ever. Dr. le is very knowledgeable and caring . Thank you for making the whole dental experience easy and painless .

Jennifer B. | Jun 2015

My nightmare finally came to an end when I saw Dr. Le and his staff this morning. His staff was excellent very friendly and knowledgeable! I was in a lot of pain and they were able to see me very fast! This type of customer service is rare to find these days sad to say...  Also they were very flexible in regards to pricing since I'm a private pay patient. Very appreciative of that! So reasonable and to be honest I wouldn't mind paying a bit more to receive the higher quality of their service especially when it comes to my teeth lol! I'm so glad to have chosen them if any doubts please have confidence in seeing Dr. Lee! Will be coming back for all dental care.

Alyssa H. | May 2015

Best Dentist is the area! Extremely personable, gentle, caring and if your lucky Dr Le will hum you a tune. The staff are super friendly and amazing too. Your search is over... Call them today to set up your appointment.

Andrew L. | Mar 2015

Been a patient for about a year now and couldn't be happier! From general cleanings to needing crown for root canal, I've had it all done here. Always treated with respect by the staff and Dr Le. Love coming here!

Priscilla D. | Feb 2015

Dr. Lee and his caring staff are wonderful. They all made me feel at home and comfortable.

LaMoria R. | Dec 2014

OMG!!! Best place to go. I had a horrible toothache and need to see a dentist right away. I called multiple dental offices and most of them said they would not see me because I was not an established patient at their office. When I called, the receptionist was so nice and could tell I was in pain. They saw me the same day and took care of the problem. Dr. Lee was very understanding regarding my anxiety for dentist offices and continued to ask if I felt any pain before he started working on my tooth. Mary the dental assistant was very careful when taking x-rays. I would definitely recommended this place to anyone who is looking for a good dentist office that cares about the patient and not just the money!!

Kiera A. | Oct 2014

My whole family goes to Dr. Le. He is very gentle with kids. My kids love him and the treasure box after each visit :) The staff is very friendly. We have been his patient for years. I like the fact that i don't have to wait for 30 minutes at least like other offices even though i had appointment. Plus the location is so convenience. Highly highly highly recommend.

Du T. | Oct 2014

The dental is not too big but really clean and bright. I got an appointment on a Saturday, I thought it would be hard and crowded but they were very attentive and I didn't have to wait. They said they have people calling in a lot on sat but always make sure each patient can spend quality time w the dr so yea I like that.I would say It was a comfortable experience overall. Mary was very friendly and Ms Xuan, the front desk lady, was really welcoming too. They listen to you very carefully and they never fail to respond to my question with detailed answers. The x-ray and deep cleaning sound scary at first but Dr Le and mary always make sure I don't feel anything overwhelmed or pressured. I think that's all I look for when i go to my dentist.

Ani E. | Sep 2014

I've been going to Dr. Le for about 2 years now and it's the first time in my life I've visited a dentist regularly.As much as I hate dental work, the experience at Dr. Le's office is actually enjoyable.  The staff is really friendly, including Mary, who does the teeth cleaning, and Dr. Le has very gentle, even with the needle.The receptionists are very kind and helpful.I highly recommend Dr. Le and his staff to anyone who's looking for a new dentist.

Stephanie J. | Jul 2014

I was terrified to go to the dentist because I've had the worst experiences at the previous dental offices. Some dentists are judgmental and rude if your teeth aren't in tip top shape. I've been putting off a few dental problems and finally I had to go in. I'm so glad I did! Dr Le is by far the nicest, accurate, and non judgmental dentists I ever met. His assistant made me feel at ease. They fixed the tooth was in pain and I am totally pain free . I've already recommended them to several people at work. I really think you should give them a shot, especially if you've had bad experiences in the past like myself!

Peggy C. | Jun 2014

I had been putting off getting this cavity filled for so long but Dr. Le made sure the entire experience was painless and quick! I even got to watch a movie while he did it (yes, why not feel like a kid when you go to the dentist?!)The office is super clean and I didn't wait long in the waiting room at all. He also didn't do that obnoxious thing that some dentists do, like ask you a ton of questions when there's a million things in your mouth. He originally offered to numb my mouth for the filling, but I freaked out about the thought of having a needle near my mouth, so he let me decide if I could handle the filling without the numbness. With a few tests of my pain tolerance, we decided I didn't need it and he was incredibly gentle the entire time.I had such a fun time just watching the movie while he worked on my tooth that I didn't even realize we were done! I'll be coming back again to get a wisdom tooth pulled...wish me luck!

Michelle P. | Jun 2014

Mary the dental asst is one of the nicest persons i have ever met and Dr. Le is wonderful.  I now have a great dental office with amazing people who work there.  The worked with me on all my fears, questions of financial matters and were kind and patient with me.

Rico P. | Jun 2014

When it was time for the Dental Gods to hand out skills they gave Dr. Le all the power and then some. I just went to his office for the first time for a cleaning and it was like riding a unicorn through the clouds dreaming of riding a unicorn through the clouds. Yes I know what I just wrote. This dentist is literally the best dentist west of the Mississippi. I think I have a man crush, and I don't even swing that way bro. Great front office, great assistant, great dentist. Enough said.

J C. | Apr 2014

I just got a new crown put in. My crown was about to fall out and had to find a dentist asap so I called the office after reading the reviews on yelp. Some times you have reviews that looks good but Dr le is funny and very thorough. His assistant mary is also funny and both make you feel at ease. I have been to many dentists in the past and all they say is probably need this or that. Dr le is all about your teeth and wanting whats best for you. He tells it like it is and therfore Im glad I found this dental office which is close to my house. I called other dental office because I switched jobs and dont have insurance right now and most offices they dont seem to be welcoming if you have no insurance. But here they are very nice in working with you and are flexible. The office lady is very nice and funny too. Oh yeah, dr le humms to whatever is playing on the radio at the time and fix your teeth at the sametime with no problems. He is that good. Most dentist I have been to seem to be so stressed when they fix your teeth but not him he is very calm and confident in what he is doing which makes patients relaxed and give you a reason to comeback. I finally found me my dentist. I already told my friend about this office. Oh one more thing, this office does not smell like some dentist office where it smells like the doctor had just done a procedure on a patient and did not bother to clean up after words. This place is very very clean.  I even got a starbucks gift card from the office LOL . Thank You. I know most people are hesistant about reviews on yelp but this doc is the real deal. Go there and you will know what im talking about.

Angelina D. | Feb 2014

Just had my very first visit with Dr. Le an I was very impressed. I hate having to go to the dentist just as much as the next person, but surprisingly I had a great time with Dr. Le an Mary, his assistant, they both made me feel very comfortable. I think I laughed most of my visit. It was truely the best experience I have ever had at the dentist.

Kristin P. | Jan 2013

I had an excellent experience at El Paseo Dental, with Dr. Le and his friendly assistant. They were courteous, thorough and provided meaningful health education about my specific concerns. I didn't receive a  'hard sell' for services I may or may not need as I had with other dental practices I've been to in the past.  They also offer Saturday appointments, which is extremely helpful!

Jen J. | Nov 2012

Dr.Justin Le looks a bit young, but don't let that put you off. He and his staff are full of knowledge and eager for you to smile! They have great personality.I was more than a bit nervous about going to a dentist after having 3children and not seeing a dentist for more than 20years. the Dr and staff were warm and welcoming with no negativity or grief. my children had never been to the dentist at 14 and 17 years old. again, the Dr was awesome,! no shame on you behavior or attitude at all.They always get us in to see him in a timely manner and even call to check un after procedures. really can not say enough nice things about this practice.

Thuy H. | Nov 2012

I went to El Paseo Dental Care because of a horrific experience I had at my previous dentist regarding the removal of my wisdom teeth. My biggest concern with the previous place was their lack of communication. Dr. Le is extremely tender and sympathetic to all cases and most importantly, he is thorough. He provided me with all the information that I needed and wanted to know and he didn't rush me out. He took his time in explaining to me what he was doing and how to take care of my teeth properly. After one visit he already felt like a family doctor!On top of that, the receptionist was so helpful and Mary, the hygienist, made me feel extremely comfortable after having such bad luck with doctors!I highly recommend this location. If you're squeamish with the dentist, as most people are, Dr. Le provides a very comfortable experience. Also, if you're having a hard time locating it, it's behind the Lucky's and Hallmark store next to a nail salon. It has great decor as well. :)

Diana W. | Jan 2012

The doctor and staff are so ridiculously nice and friendly! I had been putting off getting my wisdom teeth taken out for a while since I was terrified after all the horror stories of ridiculous pain and giant chipmunk cheeks that I've heard from my friends. They finally starting hurting enough that I decided it was time. Dr. Le was very patient and addressed all of my concerns - which I had a lot of. I was really surprised when he injected the stuff to numb me and I barely even felt it - my previous dentist would go to town stabbing my gums with that stuff. Once that set in, I didn't feel a thing and was able to pretty much zone out during the entire procedure while Dr. Le hummed along to the song playing in the background. His assistant Mary was very sweet and full of smiles the entire time too. Afterward, he took more time to make sure I understood the aftercare. I expected the worse afterwards but I even after the numbing wore off, I felt fine. I was able to manage the bit of pain with some basic over the counter advil and even went out shopping later that day and the best part was that my cheeks didn't get ridiculously inflamed at all! Overall, it was a wonderfully pleasant experience (which isn't something I'd usually say about getting teeth pulled). Definitely recommended.

Christopher C. | Dec 2011

This place is awesome!!! The staff are friendly and very helpful. I didn't have my insurance card with me and they were able to look up my coverage. They were honest and up front about costs.Now to the most important part...the dentist. Dr. Justin Le was excellent. Unlike other dentists he asked me how he could make my check up more comfortable, and actually followed through. I told him my teeth were sensitive to cold and that I hated it when I had saliva pool up in the back of my throat. He made sure that I was ready for rinsing and that there was constant suctioning. He was very gentle, efficient and professional.Overall the experience was very pleasant. I have to say that it was the best dental visit I have had in a long time. I would recommend this office to anyone and everyone!!

A M. | Feb 2010

I recommend Dr. Dang. Maybe the reminder cards dont always come but then I should remember to take care of my own teeth.  He is still the best dentist! I have had work done for wisdom teeth removals, fillings and teeth whitening.  That's all i have had done in over 10 years so no complaints from me!I highly recommend Dr. Dang!

T T. | Oct 2009

Dr. Dan is totally honest (that's very important) and does a great job!He would not do unnecessary works just so that he would charge more for the work.  He is very patient and detailed.  Great craftsmanship!!!



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