Pros and Cons of Orthodontic Treatments

Pros and Cons of Orthodontic Treatments

Posted by Justin Le, D.D.S. on Feb 16 2022, 07:16 AM

For many years, orthodontic treatments were mainly used to align and straighten the teeth of children and teenagers. However, studies found that more and more adults are now seeking orthodontic treatments to achieve beautiful smiles. 

In this article, Dr. Justin Le, DDS, at El Paseo Dental Care in San Jose and Hayward, California, explains the different types of orthodontic treatments as well as their pros and cons.

Different Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Some of the different types of orthodontic treatments used in dentistry are:

  • Metal Braces

Metal braces are made up of brackets and wires and are attached to the teeth. You can now also opt for heat-activated archwires that use body heat to allow the teeth to move into their desired position quicker and with less discomfort.

  • Ceramic Braces

Similar to traditional braces, they are made of ceramic that blends in with the natural teeth color. They are less noticeable and hence preferred over metal braces.

  • Lingual Braces

Made of metal, lingual braces are attached to the inside of the teeth and cannot be seen from the outside.

  • Invisalign 

These are custom-made clear plastic aligners that do have any wires and brackets. Invisalign is best for correcting mild to moderate dental problems and the aligners are removable.

Pros and Cons of Orthodontic Treatments

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of orthodontic treatments are:


The benefits of orthodontic treatments include: 

  • Aesthetics

The main benefit of orthodontic treatments is correcting flaws in your smile and improving confidence and self-esteem.

  • Good Oral Health

It is easier to clean straighter teeth and remove food debris, plaque, and tartar. This reduces the likelihood of caries and periodontal disease.

  • Better Quality of Life

Correcting issues such as overbite and gaps between teeth helps improve the patient’s quality of life. 


Besides the benefits, these treatments have certain disadvantages, including:

  • Dental Decay

Dental braces create spaces around the teeth. These spaces may trap food particles and lead to plaque and tartar accumulation that can set decay or gingivitis in motion if not cleaned properly.

  • Decalcification and Sensitivity

Braces may erode the enamel and cause discoloration or white marks. They may also cause sensitivity on the lips, gums, and inside of the cheeks. 

To learn more about orthodontic treatments, call (408) 370-0101 or (510) 750-1654. You can also visit El Paseo Dental Care at any of our locations in San Jose and Hayward, California.

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