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Teeth whitening by Dr. Justin Le at El Paseo Dental, San Jose

Teeth whitening is the most commonly used cosmetic dentistry procedure. With aging, teeth lose their mineral structure and the enamel becomes porous. This makes the teeth appear yellow and discolored. It is the most cost effective method to restore the luster of your smile.

Teeth Whitening Procedure:

It is an in-office procedure to whiten the teeth to their optimum natural color. A whitening gel, consisting of oxidizing agents, is applied to the teeth. A special laser light is used to activate the gel. The oxidizing agents penetrate the pores of the enamel and work on stains to eliminate them. The intensity of the laser can be controlled and customized to satisfy patients individually. Your lips and gums are covered during the procedure to minimize sensitivity.

What are the Common Teeth Whitening Techniques?

After evaluating your teeth, Dr. Justin Le may recommend one of the following whitening techniques.

  • Vital Whitening

Extrinsic stains are present on the surface of teeth. With time, these stains penetrate the dentin and make the teeth appear yellow. Vital whitening is used to remove such stains. One sitting lasts for 30 minutes and the desired results can be seen after 3 sittings.

  • Non-Vital Whitening

Non-vital whitening is used to remove intrinsic stains that are present inside the teeth. These are caused due to extreme fluoride exposure or injuries. Oxidizing agents are sealed inside the tooth and a filling is used to cover it. This whitens the tooth with time. Non-vital whitening is used to treat teeth with no nerves.

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